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In English

In this page, you can find directions of how to use Meillä päin Suomea -website. Meillä päin Suomea is made especially for those who study Finnish as a second or foreign language.


Material is mainly in Finnish. Try to use Finnish as much as possible! Only if you don't understand something, you can read the same text in English by clicking the flag .


For navigation, you can use traffic signs at the left of the each side.

Good to know about...

Includes facts, celebrities, books, cartoons, stereotypes etc. from each dialectal area.

Readers' column

You can write quick and short messages about different dialects and towns.

Markku's Kuopio

On this column young people give you useful tips for travelling in their hometowns.

Vote the funniest dialect

You can vote the funniest dialect in Finland.

Information about dialects

There you can find more information on dialects in Finland. There are many example words and links to the other dialect websites.

Test your knowledge

Four different exercises. Test what you remember about Finnish dialects!


In Forum you can discuss about dialects and towns in Finland. You can read all the messages, but for if you want to write your own message, you have to get registration.

Have a nice journey with the dialects!

Authors of Meillä päin Suomea:
Taru Koljonen& Saija Taivalmäki 2004

Graphics: Nikolas Saikkonen

These pages are based on Evelina Liski & Anne Kulta's 2003 material.