Good to know

Tampere is called Manse, i.e. the Finnish Manchester, because both of them are working-class towns.
The Rajaportti sauna in Tampere is Finland's oldest public sauna still in use.

Celebrities from Tampere:
Simo Frangen, Pasi Heikura and Jyrki Liikka, who host the Alivaltiosihteeri radio program on YleX
musician Juice Leskinen
the band Popeda
hockey teams Tappara ja Ilves

Dialectal cartoons:
Kyä viksup päriää (Aku Ankka = Donald Duck)

Dialectal books:
Tamperelaisten katkismus (the catechism in the Tavastian dialect)

Dialectal words:
nysse = linja-auto

People from Tavastian area are gawky and backward. There are many jokes about it: How can you give a happy old age to a man? Tell him a couple of good jokes when he is young.
People from Turku make jokes of people living in Tampere.