Good to know

Oulu used to be an important tar production town.
Oulu is called "Authors city", because many Finnish authors, such as Aaro Hellakoski and Kauko Röyhkä, have lived there.

Celebrities from Oulu:
Pertti Salovaara, a Center party politician and a radio host
the hockey team Oulun kärpät
the male choir Huutajat. Listen to Huutajat!

Dialectal cartoons:
Avojalakanen ankka (Aku Ankka = Donald Duck)

Dialectal books:
the Catechism in Oulu dialect

Dialectal words:
rössypottu = traditional meat soup from Oulu

People in Oulu sound a little slow because of their dialect.
Ice hockey is important for Oulu residents.
There is always cold in Oulu.