Good to know

There are 12 106 farms in Southern Ostrobothnia.
There is the world's biggest village shop Veljekset Keskinen Oy in Tuuri, 60 km from Seinäjoki

Celebrities from Southern Ostrobothnia:
Lauri Tähkä ja Elonkorjuu-orkesteri (a band)
Rehupiikles (a band)
storekeeper Vesa Keskinen

Movies on people living in Southern Ostrobothnia:
Lakeuden kutsu

Dialectal cartoons:
Isoon talon ankka (Aku Ankka = Donald Duck)

Dialectal books:
Parahia tarinoota kersoolle ja aikuusille (traditional fairy tales in the Southern Ostrobothnian dialect)

Dialectal words:
tryskööt = a party or a dance

The people in Ostrobothnia are always right and the others are wrong.
The people in Ostrobothnia are frank and honest.
Laihia is a town near Vaasa. The people living in Laihia are believed to be extremely stingy. Read some of the funny stories of the people in Laihia! (in Finnish)