Good to know

Turku was the capital city of Finland until 1812.
Radio 100 broadcasts news reports in the Southwestern dialect "Uutissii Turust" , density 100,1 MHz.

Celebrities from Turku:
Mauno Koivisto, the ex-president of Finland
Coalition party's politician Ville Itälä

Dialectal cartoons:
Kui sanos Aku (Aku Ankka = Donald Duck)

Dialectal books:
Pulu uis and Raparperisydän (poetry by Heli Laaksonen)

Dialectal words:
kräki = a dry branch or a piece of wood

People from Turku sound fool and lazy.
People in Tampere make funny jokes about people living in Turku:
Helsinki has Linnanmäki and Tampere has Särkänniemi. What does Turku have? - A road sign to Tampere.